Our Pastor

First Reformed Church of Little Falls, NJ

Greetings to all who visit this site! Please allow me to introduce myself to you, and tell you a little about my beliefs and family. My name is Emily Ratering-Youngberg, and I am honored to be the pastor of the First Reformed Church of Little Falls, NJ. My education was at Hope College in Holland, MI, and Western Theological Seminary in the same town. Married in 2000, my husband Matt is a teacher-type, bass player, and all-around good guy. I was ordained to ministry in 2002, after we accepted the call to come to First Reformed. Our son Beck was born in 2005, and our daughter Wilhelmina in 2007. They are currently growing and thriving in the midst of this church family!


It is my firm belief that relational ministry is best. I sincerely hope that if you want to talk with me, about our church community or about something else, you will call the church office. I will be happy to meet and talk with you! God loves you and is

reaching out to you—I and our church would love to help you find your way to God.